Here are some readings that we’re excited about, loosely grouped according to the themes that will structure the 2015 Beautiful Data workshop.

Materiality: Alien Phenomenology (Ch. 1-2) (Bogost)
Objects and Spaces (Law)
Interpreting Objects and Collections (Pearce)
Vibrant Matter (Bennett)
The Order of Things (Foucault)
Friends of Interpretable Objects (Ch. 2-3) (Tamen)
Media: Media as Material (Dourish and Mazmanian)
Media Theory (Hansen)
The Language of New Media (Manovich)
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Benjamin)
Abundant Images and the Collective Sublime (Albers)
Grayscale Video and the Shift to Color (Cubitt)
Graphesis (Drucker)
Metadata: Visualisation and Cognition: Drawing Things Together (Latour)
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (Tufte)
Representation and the Necessity of Interpretation (Kurgan)
Database as Symbolic Form (Manovich)
Humanities Approaches to Graphical Display (Drucker)
Institutional Ecology, ‘Translations’ and Boundary Objects: Amateurs and Professionals in Berkeley’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 1907-39 (Star and Griesemer)
Sculpture in the Expanded Field (Krauss)
Broader context: Why Museums Make Me Sad (Boon)
Toward a Lexicon of Usership (Wright)
The Museum – A Refuge for Utopian Thought (Kirshenblatt-Gimblett)
Digital Humanities (Burdick, Drucker, Lunenfeld, Presner, Schnapp)