Title: AI Art at the Lightbox Gallery, August 8-12
Date: Jun 28, 2017
Author: Sarah

What can we learn by critically evaluating how we interact with, tell stories about, and project logic, intelligence, and sentience onto systems and machines? AI in Art & Design is focused on making expressive works that deal with the cultural and social dimensions of artificial intelligence. The goal is to provoke meaningful reflection in a variety of arenas, including in areas of privacy, human agency, philosophy, and moral responsibility.

From August 8-12, at Harvard Art Museums Lightbox Gallery, metaLAB will be exhibiting five new artistic projects playfully and critically engaging different aspects of Artificial Intelligence. There will be three gallery talks, and a launch event on Monday August 7th at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. For more information, visit the events page, or email Sarah.