Networks and Natures

Date: 2018
Exploring digital effects on political, personal, and aesthetic experiences of nature.
What roles does technology play in encounters with the natural world?
What comparisons may be drawn between networks and natures as phenomena?
How do we design for deep time, dappled worlds, and the precarious composition of human and nonhuman lives?
How have we assembled, translated, and performed natural objects as data in digital and analog systems, from museums to seed banks to databases?

The phenomena of climate change and spiraling ecological devastation are complexly intertwined with the rise of computer technology, digital media, and global information networks. As Bruno Latour has shown, the ways in which we think natures and networks are too often governed by metaphors drawn clumsily from theology, economics, and politics. Through a series of kindred projects in mapping and data visualization, video, photography, writing, and speculative making, metaLAB is exploring the ramifications of networks emerging in nature’s midst.

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