Moral Labyrinth

Date: 2019
Would you trust a robot trained on your behaviors?
How will we know when a machine becomes sentient?
What does it mean to be moral?

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As machines get smarter, more complex, and able to operate autonomously in the world, we’ll need to program them with certain “values.”

Yet we do not agree on what we value: across cultures, across individuals, even within ourselves. We often do not act in accordance with what we say we value, so should these systems learn from what we say or what we do? What are the implications of how our current belief systems manifest in the swiftly approaching technological future? As we anticipate such change, can we use this technological moment to become more honest, humble, and compassionate?

Moral Labyrinth is an interactive art installation that takes shape as a physical walking labyrinth, comprised of philosophical questions, and an individualized “digital” labyrinth on an accompanying laptop. The work is a meditation on perennial—and now particularly pressing—aspects of being human.


Rainbow Unicorn, Berlin. Part of Transmediale Vorspiel
January-February, 2018, paneled wall mural

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
September, 2018, walking labyrinth and interactive digital experience

Mozfest, London
October 2018, walking labyrinth at Ravensbourne University, London

Somerville Community Path (near Lowell St)
Supported by the Somerville Arts Council

Special thanks to Black Cat Labs for the laser cutting.

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