MAHINDRA TRANSMEDIA ARTS SEMINAR: Sarah Ellis: Transmedia, Technology, and the Future of Theatre

Date: 2021
Location: Cambridge, MA

Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company
September 30, 2021, 5 pm
Click to register: Transmedia, Technology, and the Future of Theatre

The lecture focuses on the collaboration between digital pioneers and theatre, and how it can help theatre reimagine its connection with its audiences. From candlelight to Pepper’s ghost, the printing press to the internet, theatre has always used the newest technologies to tell and share its stories. The tools that have developed over the past 400 years have been critical to enabling Shakespeare’s plays to be performed, reimagined, and reinterpreted for diverse audiences, keeping the form of presentation as perennially relevant as the content of his work. It’s in this spirit that we at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) have worked digitally over the past decade, expanding a theatre-making toolkit for our artists, our audiences, and our organization, and achieving genuine creative innovation, global impact, and value.

metaLAB is partnering with the Mahindra Humanities Center to sponsor the Transmedia Arts Seminar, chaired by Magda Romanska and Hana Worthen.