Name: The Archive of Now
Date: 2019

The Archive of Now is a collaboration between Harvard Libraries and metaLAB that will make Harvard library digital collections readily available for use and remix, and address conceptual questions about archives, digital search engines, and the use of recontextualization and appropriation in contemporary culture, particularly with regard to archival materials. The project, at its core, permits those in the Harvard community (and potentially beyond) to search or discover digital objects from Harvard Library collections, to access a user-friendly workflow in which to combine or juxtapose these images in novel and surprising ways, and then to print these newly created works for large format output.

The project is supported by the 2019-2020 S.T. Lee Grant.

Events in development:
Kickoff workshop
Early Spring 2020 (tentative): the event will highlight the rich history and contemporary context of the project, incorporating a tutorial and opportunity to utilize the tool.

End of Spring 2020 (tentative): the event will convene users, librarians, scholars, and artists to reflect on the project, share outputs, learn about insights and analytics, and offer feedback or suggestions for further extensions of the project.


Harvard Libraries
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