Shirley Ogolla

Title: Affiliate
Twtr:: ShirleyOgolla

Shirley Achieng Ogolla is passionate about escaping the academic ivory tower by translating her academic work into interactive art installations for the broader public. In her latest work, AI Oracle, she invites the visitors to engage with ethical questions on machine learning bias in the context of autonomous decision-making in an immersive way. Shirley is a researcher at the Humboldt Institute of Internet & Society, where she investigates the implications of AI in the knowledge workplace and has a background in Media Studies & Art History from Humboldt University of Berlin, Sorbonne University Paris and New York University. She co-founded collective no:topia, an international inclusive artist collective which emerged from her stay at the Berkman Klein Center in 2017. Their work has been shown at re:publica and Futurium, Berlin.

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