Name: Nikhil Dharmaraj
Title: Summer Intern
Twtr:: nikd2201
Insta: nik.d

Nikhil Dharmaraj is a rising senior at The Harker School in sunny San Jose, California. As a student, he is fascinated by the academic space lying at the intersection of technology and the humanities. An aspiring software developer, Nikhil has pursued computer science through post-AP coursework, iOS hackathons, extra-curricular courses, and internships. However, as a passionate proponent of interdisciplinary study, Nikhil has delved deep into the humanities as well. For the past six years, he has been nationally ranked in Original Oratory (a competitive speech event within NSDA); moreover, he has excelled in the classics as a member of CAJCL, serving as vice president of his school’s chapter. Now, at metaLAB, Nikhil is excited to work at the junction of these two broad academic arenas. Simply put, he hopes to make use of modern cutting-edge technology to better understand the timeless human experience.

This summer, Nikhil will be working on Moral Labyrinth, a project that aims to create a digital interface for users to explore questions of ethics and philosophy surrounding up and coming technology, as well as Laughing Room, a thought experiment that investigates how close artificial intelligence can come to understanding human humor and laughter.

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