Name: Lins Derry
Title: Graduate Researcher
Twtr:: linsderry
Insta: linsderry

Presently, Lins Derry attends the Harvard Graduate School of Design as a Master in Design Studies in Technology (MDes Tech) candidate. She is set to graduate in December 2019. As a student, she is compelled to use emerging technology both as a creative device and subject in order to make transdisciplinary work that is responsive to today’s technoculture. Inspired by speculative design and futurology, Lins gravitates to questions regarding what it will mean to be human amidst exponential AI and robotics. In terms of approach, she is interested in structuring processes of recursive ideation between the thinking body and computing machine, or more generally, between intelligent systems, towards the end of knowledge production and meta-art. These interests led her to join metaLAB in 2018.

Prior to attending Harvard, Lins performed with several prominent American and Canadian dance companies, most notably with José Navas/Compagnie Flak in Montréal. With these companies, Lins had numerous touring opportunities spanning North America, Europe, and Asia with highlight performances at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Oslo Opera House. As a choreographer, with the support of American Dance Abroad, festivals, and residencies she had the opportunity to perform her solo work in Greece, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, China, and Korea with her most noteworthy performances taking place at the Beijing Dance Festival and MODAFE Korea. From 2014-16, Lins served as an Adjunct Lecturer in Modern Dance and guest choreographer at Santa Clara University in California.

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