metaLAB is a porous community of experimentally-minded scholars, artists, designers, technologists, and thinkers, with affiliations and practices distributed worldwide. Together we instigate and manage a portfolio of projects: some we spin up ourselves intramurally or extramurally; others involve partnerships with public institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums; others still involve commissions or competitions. Projects vary in scope and scale from provocations to platforms and weeks to years. Amidst the ebb and flow of projects, we come together for conversation and shared critique, inspiration, and collaboration. That conversation is ongoing and open, and represents the heart of metaLAB as a community.

There are various forms of involvement with metaLAB. Principals are staff, faculty, and affiliates with longstanding, formal commitments to a number of metaLAB projects. Akin to the principals in a design studio or architectural practice, they advise on strategic matters. Graduate and undergraduate student researchers are typically Harvard-affiliated and enrolled in degree programs within the university; they often serve as team members on metaLAB projects as they pursue their degrees. Visiting researchers are individuals who either come to metaLAB as postdocs (bringing their own external funding) or have a visiting appointment at one of Harvard’s schools; they join metaLAB for purposes of participation in projects and advancing their own research in creative dialogue with the metaLAB community. Affiliates join metaLAB's yearly cycle of conversation and discovery on a less formal basis, participating in weekly meetings, joining projects, and individually or collaboratively advancing their own research and design work.

If you want to know more, send us a note at No introduction is required. We welcome all inquiries and expressions of interest. Perhaps you’d like to join one of our weekly meetings remotely or in person? Or you’re interested in a specific project? Or in a partnership with your own design team or research group? Reach out to learn more. And if you're looking for a formal affiliation with Harvard, there are fellowships available across campus, including the program at the Berkman Klein Center, our host organization, as well as at the Nieman Foundation, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and Harvard's Graduate School of Design, all of which have annual application cycles.


Adam Haar Horowitz
Alex Horak
Alexander Reben
Alexandra Dolan-Mescal
Alison Head
Antonio Perez
Cristoforo Magliozzi
Dash Elhauge
Elizabeth Watkins
George Tsiveriotis
James Yamada
Jason Griffey
Jie Qi
Joanne Cheung
Joe Steele
Julianne VanWagenen
Krystelle Denis
Kyle Parry
Luca Simeone
Marshall Lambert
Matthew Griffith
Matthew Blumberg
Myrna Ayoub
Pablo Barría Urenda
Peter McMurray
Piera Riccio
Pip Mothersill
Rachel Kalmar
Randy Rosenthal
Robert Roessler
Robert Pietrusko
Sara Hendren
Sherri Wasserman
Shirley Ogolla
Sinead Danagher
Snow Dong
Stephanie Frampton
Yanni Loukissas
Jessica Yurkofsky
Mindy Seu
Oliver Luo
Jonathan Sun
Maia Suazo-Maler
Nikhil Dharmaraj
Yue Chelsea Qiu
Chiara Fauda Pichet
Margaret Rhee
Satvik Shukla